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Fire - Thrill Me

Date: 30. Oct. 2009
Label: Avenue Of Allies
Format: CD
Style: Hard Rock

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EUR 7.50
  1. Thrill Me
  2. Get It On
  3. That Kind Of Woman
  4. Come With Me
  5. Always There
  6. Hollywood
  7. Crazy Lovin'
  8. No More Pain
  9. Where Are We Goin'
  10. Lost Without You
  11. Back Home


2009, Energetic melodic Hard Rock done the good old fashioned way with a strong lead vocalist, powerful guitar riffs and a dynamic rhythm section are the trademarks of Fire, a smokin' hot band hailing from the Mediterranean island of Malta. The straight ahead Rock anthems of the band's second album impress with a powerful production of international standard and will win over friends of Thunder, Sammy Hagar, Krokus, Firehouse, Y & T, Gotthard and Whitesnake.

FIRE - Thrill Me - taken from - Thrill Me
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