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Hard - Time Is Waiting For No One

Date: 26. Feb. 2010
Label: Escape Music
Format: CD
Style: Hard Rock

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EUR 7.50
  1. Time Is Waiting For No One
  2. Black Clouds
  3. Lonesome Loneliness
  4. Love Goes With Anything
  5. Magical Pretence
  6. Into The Fire
  7. The Pace And The Flow
  8. My Kind Of Woman
  9. Nona
  10. Shine On Me Now
  11. 4-leaf Clover


2010, Hard is a Swedish-Hungarian hard rock group, formed in 2004 by some of the finest musicians of the Hungarian hard rock scene. After two critically acclaimed and award nominated albums in Hungary, the band decided to take a step forward and hit the international music territories with English lyrics. None other than famed record producer Beau Hill (of Winger/Ratt/Warrant fame) blew his mind when he first heard the album, so he immediately asked the guys to let him remix some of the tunes. They agreed, and the result was more than amazing. They have joined forces with acclaimed Swedish vocalist/guitarist/producer Björn Lodin of Baltimore.

HARD - Into The Fire - taken from - Time Is Waiting For No One
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